On Design Architects Team

Keith Nolan
Architect, Principal

Keith has been an Architect and Principal of ON Design Architects since 1991. Prior to obtaining his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1987, he worked for several years in the construction industry. This personal experience with most aspects of rough and finish construction has proven directly applicable to his career as an Architect. In addition, he has always focused on continuing education as a necessary tool to stay current with design, building techniques, materials and code requirements. Keith recently completed an advanced studies course focused on Dementia Design at Harvard University. His skill and passion for architecture is demonstrated by the innovative solutions and diverse architectural styles that have become ON Design’s hallmark. In addition to maintaining his NCARB Certificate, Keith is licensed to practice Architecture in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado.

While skilled with the creative aspects of Photoshop CS3, Autodesk Green Building Studio, Avid Liquid 7, Autodesk Impression, Sketch-up, and Pinnacle Studio, he balances this with the pragmatic side of AutoCAD and MS Project. He also embraces “old school” pen and pencil techniques as he feels that computers need to advance a bit further in the virtual environment to fully utilize the right side of the brain in the early phases of the design process. He does admit that concept sketches integrate well with digital graphics.

Being a recipient of many awards, Keith feels that there is a delicate balance between aesthetics, constructability and keeping within the construction budget. As a long time proponent of sustainable architecture elements, he is excited to see that Green design is now becoming mainstream.

Keith and his wife Nancy live in the Santa Barbara area along with their two children, two dogs and two cats.

While he enjoys everything outdoors, he is most passionate about cross country mountain biking. It provides a mental and aerobic outlet which he continues to hone and enjoy whenever he has a little time.

Justin Van Mullem
Justin is a firm partner and has been a Project Manager and Planner at ON Design since 1997. His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and a Master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Working for the City of Lincoln designating historic districts instilled in him a passion for incorporating historic detailing into today’s architecture. During his years at ON Design, he has managed a variety of complex development projects and has established a reputation for expediting difficult jobs through the government process.

Justin has over 16 years of experience in land-use planning and permit processing. He represents clients and architects throughout Santa Barbara County on many complex CEQA planning issues. He represents clients at Council, Commission and Board meetings.

He is a Founding Member and Chairman of the U.S. Green Building Council (LEED) – California Central Coast Chapter. In addition, he is affiliated with the Santa Barbara Contractors Association, American Planning Association, Built Green Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Historic Society and Montecito Association.

Justin enjoys cycling, camping, diving, and most recently started to take up stand up paddling. He and his wife have twin boys that keep them busy outside of work hours.

Rick Quintanilla
Architectural Graphic Artist

Rick has been with the firm since 2005. He currently has over seven years of AutoCAD experience encompassing a full range of project types. After cutting his teeth on smaller scope residential and commercial projects, he has expanded into an array of commercial and multi-family type projects.

He is adept at developing existing drawings, then converting and nurturing sketches and schematic drawings through the Design Development and Construction Document process.

He has a solid understanding and background of graphics. Working within the BIM environment as part of his routine, he takes every opportunity to expand his skill set with the inclusion of programs like Autodesk Revit 9, Impression, Green Building Studio and Adobe Photoshop. In addition, he is working diligently to expand his repertoire with 3D Studio Max.

Seth McBeath
Production Manager

Seth has been with the firm for almost 10 years. Starting out as a draftsperson, he mentored early on with a former principal that has been well versed for many years in a gamut of construction types including industrial, hospitality, multi-family, commercial, and senior housing. He used this as a springboard to focus on all aspects of multi-family housing within the past few years. With a continual thirst for knowledge, he has an unyielding eye for detail and an appreciation for time management. This is a unique combination that has elevated him successfully to project management.

He has a solid understanding and background of project integration. While practicing within the BIM environment on a daily basis, he believes that identifying conflicts in combination with providing solid solutions will lead to less waste, more cost effective projects and a unified design/construction team.

Presently, he is studying for his LEED certification. While considered by some to be fairly conservative, he does feel that buildings need to be more integral and sustainable within the built environment.

He appreciates clean, straight forward architecture solutions. As with his life, everything has its place. He approaches work as a hobby, this is what he is interested in doing.

While being a movie buff, he has an uncanny ability to name movie titles based solely on a random line from the movie.

Stacy Rook
Office Manager

Stacey has been with ON Design since 2002, she currently manages the accounting and human resource departments.

Stacey sees Keith and Justin as stewards of the elements that make this town such a wonderful place to live. She knows that they strive to maintain the balance of commerce, community and beauty of Santa Barbara.

Being a dancer and growing up on the beaches here, it is very meaningful for Stacey to work for a company whose goal is to have a positive impact on this rich cultural and natural environment.

She feels very fortunate to work for people who have integrity and treat their employees like family.